Classic Batik EyeMask Sachet


Classic Batik EyeMask Sachet:
Cover Front: [Batik]*
Cover Back: [mircosoft fabric]*
Color choice:
– [Bubble Gum Pink] on image*
– Champagne Beige
– Flamingo Pink
– Foggy Grey
– Galaxy Black
– Green Ice
– Milky Blue
– Royal Blue
– Tiffany Blue

Sachet: [Lavender & Flaxseed]*
Come with one sachet

*each Batik EyeMask is a unique batik theme of hand-painted art as result the design will not be repeated. Handmade with LoVE  and is washable.

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eye wrinkles, eye fatigue, stress, muscles tension on forehead, headaches, migraine, insomnia and wind down after a long day.


calm nerve, relieve stress and achieve beauty & health well-being

Enjoy soothing comfort long night sleep and/or a nap!


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