[eyes] what do you know about your eyes? Do you let your eyes really REST?

Do you know what is REM or NREM?
There are five stages of sleep that rotate between non-rapid eye movement [REM] and rapid eye movement [NREM]… 

Have you ever used eye mask to block light for your eyes?
How much you know about EyeMask?

Pearl + Frankincense Batik EyeMask with Sachet.. let the wonder works🤩🤍 for Men & WomenSoothing comfort for tired eyes //ease tension //headache 

Exclusive Premium EyeMask:
[Pearl + Frankincense EyeMask]*

Cover Front: [Batik]*
Inside: [20 SouthSea Pearls + frankincense]*
Cover Back: [mircosoft fabric]*
Color choice: 
– Bubble Gum Pink
– Champagne Beige 
– Flamingo Pink
– Foggy Grey
– Galaxy Black 
– Green Ice
– Milky Blue
– [Royal Blue] on image* is sold
– Tiffany Blue

Sachet Choice: [Lavender-Flaxseed/Rosebud-Flaxseed/ Ylang-Ylang-Rosemary]*
Come with one sachet ONLY

*each Batik EyeMask is a unique batik theme of hand-painted art as result the design will not be repeated. 🪡Handmade with LoVE 🤍 and is washable.

DM for inquiry 🤍😊

*** Pearl + Frankincense Batik EyeMask on The image was sold to Two Men in #nyc

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